Kuu Fei

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Born: March 16, 1989
Height 151cm (4' 11")
Measurements 78cm - 56cm - 80cm (31" - 22" - 31")
Blood type A

Kuu is the energetic and joyful kung fu fighting Chinese girl of class 3-A. From her initial appearance, she was identified as a foreigner by fellow classmate Chisame. However unlike those intentionally hiding who they were, Kuu is one of the few who embraces who she is as opposed to hiding it like other of the accused. The most obvious attribute of her foreign appearance is her darker than average skin: although not as dark as Mana's and Zazie's, her skin is slightly darker than most of the other girls in the class. This dark skin is not natural of the typical Han Chinese of paler color (such as Qiao), making her known as from another part of the country. Similar in her ethnicity is Kuu's knowledge of her home language of Chinese. Although there is a similarity in certain means between Chinese and Japanese, it is this language barrier (as well as her own hyperness) holding her back from succeeding in class. This failure of language has made Kuu "Baka Yellow" of the "Baka Rangers" (or Dummy Force in the FUNimation dub) study group, since she can't concentrate much on her studies as she is still learning Japanese. Although Akamatsu does depict Kuu knowing the basics of the language, she does add the ending of "aru" in katakana to the end of her sentences to address her depiction of the language. This depiction of Kuu speech has made it harder to translate into other languages without giving off similar meaning. While early English renditions of the Del Rey English manga had Kuu speak more naturally, later volumes depicted Kuu Fei's Chinese accent is rendered as "pidgin" English. This decision was made by Negima's adaptor Trish Ledoux, notable for doing similar to Chinese character Shampoo in Ranma ½. Due possibly to her language barrier, Kuu tends to take a strange perspective and thought path on various matters compared to other students in the class. Outside her foreign heritage and idiocy, Kuu is known as one of the most powerful fighters both in the class as well as in the school. Within 3-A itself, she is identified as the fourth strongest after Setsuna Sakurazaki, Mana Tatsumiya and Kaede Nagase. While she is extremely skilled and knowing in Chinese kenpo style martial arts, Kuu's weakness is identified by her lack of knowledge and control of magic. Whereas Setsuna, Mana and even Kaede know of magical skills and combine them with fighting ability, Kuu's strength comes merely from her own ki control and skill. Yet what she lacks in magical ability does not take away from Kuu's skill as she shows both abilities in fighting as well as in the manipulation of any weaponry given to her, including knives, swords and Chinese war hammers. While Kuu is seen as merely fourth strongest in 3-A, she still stands way above many of the other fighters she faces at Mahora Academy. In the year prior, she won the martial arts tournament at the academy. Because of this, she is challenged day after day by many powerful students attempting to prove their own might, yet always getting knocked down by the Chinese martial artist. Kuu's athleticism and skill does not just exhibit itself on the battlefield: when challenged in a bowling match without ever playing the game before, she scored a perfect 300 on her first try! It is this skill and ability that makes her become noticed by others willing to learn to fight, including her own teacher Negi Springfield. It is probably because of her superior skills and mastery that Mana admits to Qiao that "as a normal human, Kuu Fei is without a doubt the strongest". Outside of class, Kuu Fei works at the Qiao Bao Zi Chinese restaurant cart run by her friend and fellow "Chinese" student Qiao Lingshen. Besides working as a waitress at the restaurant, Kuu has a voracious appetite for the food served there, particularly Qiao's specialty nikuman dumplings that she even eats during class. Due to their similarities, Kuu and Qiao are great friends and allies in the class. Unfortunately their friendship only goes so far: whenever Qiao or her assistant Satomi need a guinea pig for their new inventions, Kuu finds herself stuck as their volunteer. Qiao uses it to get what she wants from her friend while Kuu thinks its just inhumane.