Sasaki Makie

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Born: March 7, 1989
Height 152 cm (5')
Measurements 72cm - 53cm - 75cm (28" - 21" - 30")
Blood type O

Makie's greatest strength in ability is her athletics, particularly her abilities as a rhythmic gymnast. As a gymnast, her spirit is both her greatest strength and weakness, as mentioned by her coach, Ninomiya. Her training allows her to display increase reflexes and reaction time compared to many average students. But as amazing as her physical abilities are, it ends up being compromised for Makie's mental skills. Her scores are the second lowest in the entire class and she is known as the "Baka Pink" of the infamous "Baka Rangers" (or Dummy Force in the FUNimation dub). Comparatively to many of the other Baka Rangers though, Makie's weakness is only due to her own airheadedness as opposed to other factors. Since Makie is part of the rhythmic gymnastics team, she is mostly seen as member of the "Sports Girls", where she is friends and roommates with similarly athletically gifted and connected students such as Yuna, Ako, and Akira. Early on, Makie is mostly seen alongside these girls and does show a greater friendship and connection with both Yuna and Ako dependent on the circumstance. However, she also finds herself consistently paired off with Ayaka, who believes her as a rival for her own affections for teacher Negi. Yet compared to Ayaka's sisterly beliefs combined with amorous ideas, Makie merely thinks Negi's very cute, yet at the same time can recognize his maturity. Since she is several years older than him, she too believes this is more about being a big sister to her teacher instead of a romantic rival, yet she does get caught up in games and affairs to "win his heart."