Qiao Ling Xien

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December 1, 1988(1988-12-01) (stated)
Height 160cm (5' 3")
Measurements 77cm - 56cm - 78cm (30" - 22" - 31")
Blood type O

Qiao, at first glance, appears to be a slightly daffy, food-obsessed Chinese girl in the class, which is not at all representative of the power and prestige that she actually holds to the campus. Qiao is known as the smartest girl of all the students in Negi Springfield's 2-A class at the moment of his arrival, as well as the smartest within the entire grade and possibly one of the smartest people in the entire Mahora Campus. As a genius, she chooses to spend her time within several different Mahora clubs, participating actively in the robotics research, Chinese medicine, life sciences and atomic research, all in the name of helping and improving. Her knowledge and abilities in robotics have allowed Qiao to advance technology alongside her cohort, fellow genius and #2 in her class and grade Satomi Hakase, towards the invention of an army of machines and weaponry as well as the invention of fellow Mahora student and robot Chachamaru Karakuri (invented as a partner which required less magical energy to power for Evangeline due to the curse that keeps her within the campus with diminished powers). Qiao is also a master of various Chinese martial arts, alongside Ku Fei, and displays a sufficient knowledge of her own abilities. However, Qiao's greatest and most notable work to the campus of Mahora is the opening and maintenance of the food stand known as Qiao Bao Zi. Based out of a small cart that travels throughout campus, Qiao Bao Zi is one of the most popular and notable food kiosks at Mahora, particularly known for the nikuman dumplings created by Qiao as well as chef Satsuki Yotsuba. Besides the two of them, Satomi, Chachamaru and Ku Fei all work at the stand and make sure to help each other out appropriately. Qiao's love of food does seem to get carried away with her happy-go-lucky personality, as she goes around selling nikuman even outside the confines of the stand and consistently works with Satomi to create new technology to distribute it around to those who want it (while using Ku Fei as their unfortunate test subject). And it is through the stand that Qiao has been able to make a massive fortune, making her not only smart and well skilled but rich in the process. Yet even with her happy, slightly oblivious personality, Qiao possesses a darker, more determined side hidden by her light exterior.