Yukihiro Ayaka

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Born: July 5, 1988
Height 173cm (5' 8")
Measurements 85cm - 54cm - 83cm (33" - 21" - 33")
Blood type O

Ayaka is the rich iincho- (class representative) as she is mostly called. She is the second daughter of the Yukihiro family. More often than not, she winds up being the only thing keeping the class in order, due to Negi's inexperience with handling large groups. She is currently the 3-A class president and is among the highest scorers on school exams, where she was last seen as ranked 4th in her whole grade. Ayaka is well-cultured in both Japanese and European social customs. She and Asuna seem to hate each other, with the two often getting into fights, but it eventually becomes clear that they merely have an odd, but surprisingly close friendship that neither is willing to admit to. Ayaka is the girl most overtly fond of Negi, though she stands by the position that she is only interested in Negi because he "needs a mother figure". A Botched Pactio Card was made, when she kissed a paper double of Negi during the trip to Kyoto. An interesting thing is that while she likes Negi, she frequently gets into arguments with Kotaro, who is also of Negi's age. Negi, in her mind, is the perfect boy (smart, polite & nice), while Kotaro is just the opposite (rude, mean, and more street smarts than intelligence). She tends to be aggressive in pretty much everything she does, which tends to wind up with her being misunderstood. However, she is very good at hiding her own past (such as the story about her younger brother who died at childbirth, which probably explains her fixation on Negi. Ayaka is roommates with Chizuru, Natsumi, and later Kotaro- (whom Chizuru introduced to her as Natsumi's little brother), and is in the equestrian and flower-arranging clubs. Even though Ayaka is a rich man's daughter (her family owns a zaibatsu/konzern), that did not stop her from being well-versed in several unnamed martial arts, culminating in having a "ryuha" of her own (Yukihiro Ayaka-ryu-). Her affection toward Negi increases substantially after witnessing his performance during the Mahora Fighting Tournament and learning about his missing father. While on the outside, she may appear to be a typical spoiled brat; she is really a kind and caring person who wants to help Negi as much as she can. She even helped get back on good terms with Asuna when the two were briefly avoiding each other. She and several of the girls in the class have vowed to aid Negi in his quest to find his father, though Ayaka has proven to be the most sincere in this case. Though she is highly intelligent, she can often be clueless in relation to the events surrounding her. Thus, many of her classmates incorrectly think of her as a fool (even if they won't say so out loud). Ayaka attaches herself towards Negi from the moment he arrives in 2-A, obsessively trying to win over his favor and represent the class as their iincho. While this could be seen by many as Ayaka's courtesy for the new teacher, Asuna sees this as part of a trap by her to seduce Negi and make him her own. Throughout the first several months of Negi's stay in Japan, Ayaka attempted several times to both win Negi's favor or to have some time alone with him, including showing off her physical assets in the bath, trying to make herself become his partner, even inviting him over to her mansion for the day (without knowing Asuna and Konoka would tag along). While consistently obsessed in making sure the class reflected well being the iincho (including in testing and in the class dodgeball game), most of Ayaka's inspiration for battle appeared just as much about class pride as it was about winning Negi. As Negi became embroiled in the many battles and magical conflicts tied with himself or other members of the class, Ayaka remained devoted towards assisting in any way possible, even if she had no idea in what she was getting into. During the conflict at Cinema Town in Kyoto, Ayaka attempted to use her own self-made martial arts style to fight against the hordes of Tsukiyomi's summoned minions before being taken out by one. Later, as she witnessed her roommate Chizuru "adopt" hanyo Kotaro Inugami, she immediately found conflict with the demon rival of Negi...yet could not help him further after being knocked out by Graf Herrman. Yet as the scenery she found herself in became weirder, Ayaka's persistent Negi chase continued to grow more daring, including an attempt to kiss him during a game in Kyoto (only to kiss a doll and get a failed Pactio) and an invitation for the two of them on her own island resort! (ruined when over half the class followed along) As the year gave way to the arrival of the Mahora Festival, Ayaka (as class iincho) suddenly found herself busy running the class for the creation and the operation of their own haunted house exhibit (and nearly driving herself crazy while doing so). In the midst of her operation, she still found time to spend with Negi, particularly during a loop of just the two of them on the first day for what she considered "the greatest day of her life". By the second day, Ayaka discovers Negi in the Mahora Fighting tournament, leading her on an ambitious (and foolhearty) mission with many of the other stragglers in the class (including the sports girls, the cheerleaders and the twins) to see her beloved teacher fighting in person! Though nearly getting herself in trouble several times, Ayaka's devotion and discovery of the loss of Negi's father made her more devoted to her teacher than ever.